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Humble Beginings:

    Royulty by Dezign was founded by Tanaea Wright  in Minneapolis MN September 2016, Where her DREAM and PASSION to "IMPACT" started to take shape. 

Royulty by Dezign, Inc with the help of many volunteers, will dedicate several hours of their time and efforts to holding several successful fundraising events in the community, community involvement events, Clothing and food drives, as well as providing emergency referral services to individuals experiencing unsafe situations, so they are able to remove themselves and children to safety.

Going forward our GOALS....

Here at Royulty by Dezign, what DRIVE us is the ability to provide an opportunity to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, unsafe situations and low income, a Safe Haven in our communities. Families and vulnerable adults can feel safe about their growth and healing.

Royulty by Dezign, Inc is a vehicle for Growth by assuring participants safety and providing stability within our community. We include a multitude of skill building programs, provide low income housing for empowerment, mobilizing to self-sufficiency. We will also provide 

  • counseling (family/individual)

  • create career skills

  • provide career leads to our families and adult participants

Royulty by Dezign, inc realizes that in addition to the risks and obstacles faced by those experiencing poverty, impoverished battered women can face additional batterer-generated risks, of abject poverty and homelessness, so we have a special program in place to assure their safety.

Royulty by Dezign also realizes the extreme downward turn in the family unit and keeping fathers engaged within the homes and communities, we will also implement special 2nd chance and reunification programs to assure the mental strength of our men.

The mission, therefore, is to break the difficult cycle of having a poverty mindset and allow space for a Growth Mindset through:

  •  Low income/emergency housing and food assistance programs​

  • Financial literacy & bookkeeping courses

  • Mental health First Aid & fitness

  • Physical Fitness

  • Life skills, K-12 assignment help, Resume writing

As well as many children’s programs such as Debutante style events for the children to build social awareness, confidence and healthy relationship building.

We are aware that change starts with the mind and knowing you are safe to Grow. Allowing our women to feel safe and Grow allows the children to thrive and focus on unity and family as well.

All Hands on DECK!




- Yes, Royulty by Dezign inc is a non profit 501c 3 charity organization, registered with the state of Arizona as well as the IRS.


- Royulty by Dezign, inc is a vehicle for growth and Unity within the communities of Maricopa County of Arizona. Helping in the dismantling of homelessness and poverty


We welcome all volunteers and donations willfully given. And thank each and everyone of you in advance.

To get started go ahead and click on the get involved tab and choose which way you'd like to serve our most vulnerable.


No,Royulty by Dezign, inc does not determine the way we serve by someones faith/relationship with their backgrounds. Royulty by Dezign is a People Based organization.

"God &  Hope is in Everything we do"



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HandsOn Phoenix Partner Arizona Friends of Homeless


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